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Data Network, Network Equipment, LAN WAN Networking Service in Bangladesh

Microtech (BD) System's Also Have Professional Certified Network Engineer of Cisco, Mikrotik and Network Security
For Ensure Secure LAN and Data Network Environment. Secure Data Network Service is not a easy Task now a Days.
Specially In Bangladesh Where Most User, and the Organisation Do not Have Good Idea and Vision of Enterprise Converge Data Network Setup , This is Difficult for the Vendor Company to Provide Good Enterprise Network Solution Offer for them. A Converge network in a network idea where a Voice, Data , Vedio and Realtime Application Data Transmission Occured. A Voice , Video and Realtime Application Data Should be Transmitted in its Priority. Also In Enterprise Level Data Network Environment There Should be A Plan for Redundency at Switching , Routing and Service Level. Modern Enterprise Worked Environment is network base.

Network Services:
1. LAN Cabling
2. Switching, Router, Rack, Accessories Deliver & Installation.
3. Confuguration.
4. Troublshooting
5. Testing ....

Enterprise Network Service & Support,
Your Enterprise Network Wireless Communications, Data Cabling (CAT6A), Fiber Optics (Single and Multimode), Switches and Routers (Mikrotik, Cisco, and Basic Wifi Router) as Well as IP Phone Systems a Enterprise Data Network Structure...MicrotechBD Systems are Beside you from Network Cabling to Switch ,Router Installation and Configuration and Well as Support.

Why Data Network ???
As Business is growing and new opportunities explored, a lot of corporations are expanding by establishing branch offices in many area. Intensive communication between headquarters and branches is crucial for branches to operate synchronously with policies and strategies from headquarter. For that reason, your enterprise/Business required an unlimited data connection for headquarter and branches, with the liberty of making own arrangement of how the access is managed between branches. Then, Microtech (BD) System Data Communication is the providing solution for your company.

Microtech (BD) System Data Communication is a LAN Service, Designed to support data connection between your headquarters and branch offices and Internal Office LAN.

Asseel Compatble Laser Printer Toner
Laser Printer Best Quality Toner
RB 450G - 5 PORT Router ( Medium Enterprise Router)
Support: Bandwidth Control, Routing Protocols, VNP, Tunneling, Firewalls, Filtering, Policies, DHCP, AAA, Basic Switching, Browsing Control... Etc.
Brand: Mikrotik
Model: RB450G
Price: 12,500.00
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RB 951 - 5 PORT Router + Wifi Network
Support: Bandwidth Control, Routing Protocols, VNP, Tunneling, Firewalls, Filtering, Policies, DHCP, AAA, Basic Switching, Browsing Control... Etc.
Brand: Mikrotik
Model: RB951
Price: 9,500.00
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Asseel , Micro Best Quoality Laser Toner
LAN Work Conceptual Diagram ....

6 u network rack
6 U Network Rack
Origin: China

Price: 00 + Installation Charge).
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9 U Network Rack ( Wall Mount / Floor Mount)
Origin: China

Price: 00 + Installation Charge ( Optional).
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Printer Toner Cartridge
Network Cables
Best Brand: 60TK/Meter
Good Brand 50~55TK/Meter
Normal Brand: 40-45TK/Meter
Normal Brand: 25-35TK/Meter

300 Meter Per Coil As Per Cost of 300 Meter...
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Cabling Charge
Open Cabling 5TK/ Per Meter + Per Node Charge..
300 Meter Cable Charge Would Be
300 Meter X 7TK.
2,400TK + Node Installation Charge...

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