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Building Automation Solution, Building Management System In Bangladesh- BMS Solution

Building Management System , BMS System, IBMS System in Bangladesh

Building Management Systems
 (BMS) are integrated, computerised Data Accusation and Control System systems for monitoring and controlling energy, Services, Security System Integration, Lift Control System, building services and equipment such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, lighting, power systems and so on.


  • BMS Control System Complete Solution Includes
    • Field Devices & Sensors for Data Accusation, Monitoring, Logging
    • Metering Devices.
    • Actuators, Valve, VAV and High Level Communication with 3rd Party Hardware.
    • Direct Digital Control Devices Controllers (DDC).
    • Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA).
    • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).
    • Energy Management System (EMS)
    • Data gathering panels (DGP)
    • Modbus, Lon works, and Bacnet – All refer to communications protocols
    • ‘Front End’ – legacy term used to refer to the BMS Operator Workstation
    • …..
  • HVAC Control & Monitoring
    • Monitor & Control Fans & Dampers
    • Maintain and monitor a pre-determined Air State with Sensor & Actuators
      (in terms of temperature and humidity).
    • Control Air Handling Units (AHU) & Fan coil Units.
  • Heating , Cooling & Ventilation Control & Monitoring
    • Control System Activity
    • Maintain a Pre-determined Temperature based On Policy and Field Device
    • Adjust Precision Cooling & Control Ventilation based on occupancy controls
      Data Accusations Field Device & Sensors Using Temperate , CO2 Detectors
    • CO2 Sensors, Temparature and Humadity Sensor, BTU Meters.
  • Boiler Controls System
    • Control Boiler Activity
    • Maintain a Constant Temperature
  • Lighting Control.
    • Set a Pattern for Lights to switch on/off According to a specified schedule Panel.
  • Electrical Controls System
    • Electric Power Control & Meeting Control
    • Control & Monitor Core Electrical and mechanical equipment
  • Security & Observation
    • Control Access to the facility with Access Control System Integration with BMS
    • Surveillance and Intrusion Detection Integrated With BMS System
  • Fire Alarm System
    • Monitoring Active Alarm locations ;
    • Smoke/Gas Control system Activation & Deactivation.
  • Elevators
    • Elevators Status System;
    • Elevator Video Display.
    • Control & Monitor Elevator on Certain Event Policy.
  • Plumbing & Water Monitoring
    • Control valve operation automatically.
    • Monitor temperature Deviations.
    • Detect Hydraulic Flows.
  • ITC & Voice System Integration
    • Data Center Environmental and Health Monitoring.
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