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Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS) / Under Vehicle Surveillance System Solution in Bangladesh

UVSS - Under Vehicle Surveillance System Solution in Bangladesh
UVSS-Under Vehicle Surveillance System is Security Inspection Solution For Vehicle Parking/ Entry Point of Any High Security Area.

UVSS Solution Used in High Grade Security Solution to Inspect Vehicle During Enter Into a Secured Area Mostly Used together with Parking Barrier, Bollard Barrier or Vehicle Crash Barrier System. (UVIS) Can permanent or Fixed Device As Well as can be a mobile or portable solutions at Entry Point of any Area.

UVIS Can automatically Check and identifies threats by Scanning and Analyzing the modifications to a vehicle’s undercarriage or Chassis. The bidirectional scanner is positioned so when the vehicle passes over high-definition images are captured and Analyze in the UVIS database for possible Threat Identification. Computer System Process the Image From Under Vehicle Area and With High Quality Computer Vision Image Processing Technology and Analyzing and make the panoramic images create a 3D perspective and unique identifier to each vehicle during passing over the VUSS or UVIS. Most Low Quality UVSS Do not have capability of Automatic Threat Identification Data Set .

The Fast Processing after scanning returns a result in less than 3 to 5 seconds. UVIS has an analytics engine that performs a comparative lookup to a known safe vehicle dataset to provide a accurate result. The Computer System user interface displays a side-by-side image in details view and Show the deviation, This how indicative of a potential threat. Thrat indenfy by variations are visualized by and Marked circles around the area of concern

MicrotechBD System able to Provide Complete UVSS/UVIS Portable and Fixed Solution for Any Kinds of Organization in Bangladesh Including Computer System and Advance Features System from World Class Brand. We are Able to Provide solution from Different Manufacturer Like USA, UK or China.

Benefits Of Automatic UVSS System
Front and rear Automatic LPR / ANPR with alert capabilities, Also Allow Won Premises Vehicle To Be While Listed and Allow Secure Movement as well as Outside Unknown Vehicle Should Pass the Inspection Before Enter into Secure Area.

Foreign Object Detection (FOD) suite available; side-by-side comparison view of returning vehicles; 3D composite image and full color playback review.

Easy Way to Inspect Vehicle only Sitting on Computer System. Quick and easy on-screen training in less than 30 minutes. So easy to Operate and Easy to Inspect Vehicle During In/Out.

Keep Vehicle In/Out Record including Video Record. Military-Grade | Stringent durability requirements;

withstands up to 40,000 pounds per axle All-Inclusive | Four sensor-activated cameras; choice of 21-inch, full-color touchscreen, sunlight readable monitor or 34-inch, curved, full-color monitor; desktop station; uniform integrated LED lighting; and scratch-resistant, crystal sapphire lenses

Advance Complete Access Control & Time Attendance System Complete Solution

UVSS / UVIS Security & Inspection Automation System Solution

  • Feature of UVSS Solution
    • Intelligent Cameras High Quality Image
    • Magnetic Field Detection Using a Loop System/Lider Base Detection Technologies
    • LPR Recognition (Optional)
    • Foreign Object Detection With AI Technology
    • Automated Vehicle Comparison With Large Dataset
    • Ruggedized Housing & Lenses
    • Remote Management Capabilities of Software Interface
    • Inspect Vehicles Up to 30 MPH speed
    • Can Be Integrate with Bollard and Boom barrier
    • Debris Removal System With Image Processing technology
    • Heater and Thermostat
    • Video Management System Support to keep records.
    • Event Management and reporting.
    • eMap/3D/CAD

    UVSS Solution Provided by MicrotechBD System in Bangladesh..
    UVSS Solution Provided by MicrotechBD System in Bangladesh

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Security & Inspection Automation System Solution

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