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IoT Automation Solution and Embedded System Control Solution in Bangladesh.

With INTERNET OF THINGS (IOT) SOLUTIONS , Transform your business with Latest Innovative Inter Conntected Idea -
For IoT Products, IoT Solutions & IoT Based Services in Bangladesh..

Security System, Automation, Embedded Contoller Desing, IOT Solution in Bangladesh

IoT is Internet Of Things ,The Next Generation of Devices & Technologies Where your Device Will be Inter Connected. Worlds Devices & Technologies Expert Expect that there will be more than 14 billion networked devices by 2021, making it vital to adopt new set of technologies and devices. Here’s how we can help you embrace them. The Idea of IoT is Latest in Modern World for Smart Internet base Management and Supervison of Electronics , Where Legacy Device ware not Well Managed and Not Efficient Due to Lack of Controlling, Monitoring and Management Mechanism.

Also the Management of Legacy Device, Electronics, Electrical Had no Such Idea. in Most Cased Device Come up with a Remote Control and Build in Controlling Mechanism and had no Monitoring and Controlling Ware Present on System that times, But IoT Enables the System To Connect to Internet or Data Network to Manage the Systems, Devices and Component From Remote Location as well and Supervision and Control. One Of The Smart Electronics Control and Supervision System’s Was Used in Many Big Industries Called SCADA. Now Iot Based Smart Electronics Devices and System will Similar Function and Capabilities on IoT Based System, Where You Can Supervise, Monitor and Control Your Devices from Anywhere just With Your Phone, Computer or Web based Platform That will make Your System in Your Control very Easy way and make your Overall Management Easy and Efficient then you ever think of With The Use Of IoT Solution.

At First it was simple file sharing. Then came e-commerce and things changed. People buying from supermarkets, went online Shop and paid using their credit cards. The next revolution was social media, which gave an ordinary person a voice to be heard. The next generation is here, and shaping our very own future; the Internet of Things (IoT) The Internetwork Enables Smart Devices, Sensors, Actuators Based Solution will Provide you easy Access , monitor , Manage and Control Your Device and Things.. Now Industries in Grwoing Countries Adapting IoT Based Industrial Solution as well as IoT Smart Device for Smart Buiding Solution and Smart Cities.

Here in Bangladesh Its a Challange for Adpating New Technologies and Ideas , But Compared to The Worlds Technolgies We are not backward now. We are also working On IoT Development , Idea , Product and Solution for Newly Growing Industries.. From Your Small Need of Basic Security System, IoT Based Automation To Smart Buidling Solution We are Working the This Field to Face Then Challange of Latest Technology Solution for Bangladesh Market.

We are Working for your Intigrated Custom IoT Solution Need For Our Clents. Keeping Pace Of IoT Development Custom Solution in Bangladesh is not East But We Hope to Provide World Class IoT Smart Product Solution and Service for Our Clients.

We Already Provding with Our In House Development and Qualityfull Products and Server Solution from World Class Company:

1 .IoT Basic Home Automation & Control Products.
IoT for home automation
The Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed the way that modern homeowners lifes. While the average home already has a handful of connected devices, more connected home solutions continue to hit the market in response to consumer demand. Home automation powered by IoT will continue to open up new sources of revenue for businesses while allowing them to connect to customers to deliver more value and better customer service.

2. IoT Based Car Traking System,
MicrotechBD System Providing Vehicle Tracking System With International IoT Bases Platform Hosted By MicrotechBD and Realtime Monitoring of Vehicle Status, with Engine Start/Stop and Many Reporting and Monitoring Features.

3. IoT Base Security Alarm & Monitoring System

4. IoT Custom Controller for Electronics Control

5. IoT Digital Automatic Bell System