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HDMI Quad Screen Splitter/Multi viewer/Multi HDMI Viewer/ Split Viewer Solution in Bangladesh.

Microtech HDMI Quad MutiViewer is a HDMI Solution to Provide Multiple HDMI Video is Output To a Single HDMI Display. HDMI Multi Viewer Support 4 HDMI Device to Input and Output to One HDMI Display Where Screen Split by 4. Also User Can Swich any Output to Full Screen Display and Show the Display by Chice at Any Time.

For CCTV Camera, TV Center, CCTV Monitoring Station, Office Display Solution if The Display is Large and There are Several Video Output Device. Display real-time 1080p video from four HDMI/DVI sources simultaneously on a single display Also known as: Quad screen splitter, HDMI quad splitter extender, video quad display, quad monitor, four video sources displayed on one monitor, extend four sources to display on one monitor, quad monitor extender

MicrotechBD System Provide Total Solution for Analog CCTV Camera, IP Camera and HD Camera Solution for Any Types of Company In Bangladesh.

HDMI Multi-Viewer
HDMI Multi Viewer, HDMI Multi Output Splitter , 4X1 Multi Viewer , HDMI Quad Multi-viewer
HDMI Multi Viewer, HDMI Multi Output Splitter , 4X1 Multi Viewer , HDMI Quad Multi-viewer
  • Support 4 HDMI input, 1 HDMI output
  • Support 4 ways HDMI signal screen segmentation
  • Support 4 ways HDMI signal seamless switching
  • Support highest resolution up to 1080P/60Hz
  • Support IR control
  • Compatible HDMI1.4a, HDCP1.4
  • Support resolution: 1080P,720P,1080i,1024x768,1360x768 and so on
  • Support AWG26 HDMI standard cable, input up to 15 meters, output up to 15 meters
  • DC12V/1A power adapter
  • Net weight: 350g

Dimension (L x W x H): 19cm x 9cm x 2.3cm

HDMI Extender Application Diagram
HDMI Solution , HDMI Extender, HDMI-Metrix, 4 HDMI Device Display on Single Monotor, TV and Channel Selection.
HDMI 4x1 Quad Multi-viewer is a high performance with four HD screen segmentation and seamless switching output switch. It can display 4 HD digital video signal on the same screen, and has a variety of video segmentation, seamless switching 4 HD input signals synchronously. The control methods of the switch is flexible, it can be switched via button and IR control. It’s a very practical and stable switch and easy to install, can be used in the major projects, meeting halls and other places.