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Best GPS Tracking Service and Solution in Bangladesh . (MicrotechBD)

GPS Traking Service, Traking Devie in Bangladesh
Microtech is Best GPS Tracking Service Supplier In Bangladesh. Microtechbd System is a Best and Well Know GPS Vehicle Tracking System Provider in Bangladesh including Vehicle Security, With the Help of Internet and GSM Mobile Network. Microtech GPS Tracking Systems Suit low cost and low budget but very stable for every solution to our customers exact requirements for Vehicle Security Automation System.

Our Solution technology includes Online Base Vehilcle Status Monitoring System with Voice Taping and On/Off Control of of your Vehicle Engin. What Is The GPS Tracking System. Basically, the GPS or the Global Positioning System tracking is really a powerful and innovative tool used by a lot of people nowadays. It impressively determines the exact location of a certain person, asset, vehicle, location, and the like. The information is easily transmitted through certain devices such as mobile phones, GPS trackers, and computers with Internet.

Any information can usually be viewed real time with a map to help anyone to locate whatever his subject is easily and quickly. If you look closer to what is GPS tracking, you will find out that there is a lot more things that it can offer. The benefits are so serious and important that it is almost an unspoken rule for everyone to have this device with them every time. In fact, here are some of the major benefits that the GPS tracking can give: Avoidance of risks that often happen while driving. Safety is indeed one of the best things that the GPS can cater. This is because if one is installed in a car, law enforcers can easily locate it in cases of accidents and other forms of emergency such as car theft. It is always possible to track down the location of a car with the use of this system.

MicrotechBD GPS Vehicle Tracking System and Feature.
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking System.
  • Personal/Private Car Tracker.
  • Rental Vehicle.(CNG, TAXI, BUS,) Tracker.
  • Motor Bike Tracker.
  • Personal Tracker.
  • Ship or Boat Tracker.
  • Possible Benefit of Using GPS Tracking System.
  • Corporate Reporting,
  • Monitor Your Vehicle Whenver Throw Online or SMS Throw Microtech GPS Corporate Server.
  • Monitor Your Vehicle Whenever Throw Online or SMS Throw Microtech GPS Corporate Server. See Vehicle Trip Report, Mileage Report, History of Trip Playback, Fuel Consuming Report.
  • Anti Theft
  • Monitor the Position of the Car When Stolen.
  • Shutdown The Vehicle Remotely Throw SMS or Online.
  • Can Take the Help of Low and Force To Recover Your Vehicle
  • Application & Function
    Application: Private Car/ Texi/Bus/CNG Auto/ MotoByke/Personnal Tracking...
  • ● Functions
    1. Small size and easy for installation
    2. Real-time track by web system
    3. Two way voice and SMS communication
    4. Configuration through three different ways such as SMS, computer, and peripheral
    5. Listening monitoring
    6. Able to re-upload the location data in the condition that the GSM signal is weak
    7. Disable or enable engine remotely
    8. Detect the ignition on/off, door open/close, Air-condition on/off etc.
    9. Fuel monitoring and temperature monitoring
    10. Record mileage information
    11. History playback
    12. Dispatching for taxi, bus, logistics trucks 13. Emergency alarm,
    14. Power-off alarm,
    15. Over-speed alarm,
    16. Idling alarm
    17. Parking alarm
    18. Moving alarm
    19. Acceleration alarm,
    20. Fuel changing alarm
    21. Temperature changing alarm,
    22. Illegal door open alarm
    23. Geo-fence alarm,
    24. Fatigue driving alarm
    25. 1 RS232 serial port are able to support Camera, Dispatch screen, Handset, LED, etc

GPS Tracking Devices
GPS Tracker in Bangladesh
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MICRO-G1518 (Car/Bus/Truk)
Approx Price: 8,000.00
Call For Update Price.
Warrenty: 2 Years
Micro-G1588(Car/Bus/CNG Auto/Byke)
Approx Price: 5,500.00/=
Call For Update Price.
Warrenty: 1 Years

Best GPS Tracker in Bangladesh
GPS Tracking Device in Bangladesh
MICRO-G1588(Car/Bus/CNG Auto/Byke/Boat/Ship)
Approx Price: 7,100/=
Call For Update Price.
Warrenty: 1 Years
Approx Price: 7500/=
Call For Update Price.
Warrenty: 1 Years
GPS Smart Phone /Mobile Base Monitoring :
1.      Real time tracking in your smart phone, you can get the latest information from you cars, your vehicle fleet, and your cared person, pets and assets at any time and any place.
2.      Comfortable visual interface and Simplicity in understanding and operation
3.      Checking alarms, remotely control your cars, set SMS number and email account, etc. it is smart as well as your phon
GPS Tracker In Bangladesh
GPS Tracking System In Bangladesh
GPS Tracking System In Bangladesh
GPS Tracking System In Bangladesh

Web Base Monitoring System & Functions
1.      Easy for multi user management and vehicle information management;
2.      Comfortable Visual interface;
3.      Simplicity in understanding and operation;
4.      Display all kinds of information like address, status, speed, fuel, temperature information from vehicle in real-time;
5.      Security and reasonability in each features like settings, disable engine and voice monitoring etc.
6.      Novel features like POI setting, create street, route plan, create Geo-fence, etc.
7.      All kinds of reports such as trip report, fuel consumption report, parking report, find photos, check gprs flow, historical playback etc;
8.      Sending alarms and reports by SMS and emails;
9.      Remind your customer to pay your service fee;
10.    Compatible solutions for Taxi, Bus, logistics Truck;
11. Real Time Google License Map Traffic Monitoring To Understand The Vehicle Movement, Traffic Condition
12. Real Time Monitoring.
13. Online and Apps Based Controlling.

14. Route Navigation Plan , Distance Calculation By Online Platform.

1.      Compatible to IE6.0, IE6.0+, FireFox3.0, FireFox3.0+, Chrome;
2.      Compatible to Windows, Linux, Mac operation system;
3.      Has been translated to Chinese, English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Persian, Polish, Norwegian, Tamil, Danish;

GPS Tracking System Online Server Service Login
GPS Tracking System Online Server Service Login
Real Time GPS Tracking System Online MonitoringReal Time GPS Tracking System Online Monitoring
GPS Traking Alart Setting and Control PanelGPS Traking Alart Setting and Control Panel
Tracking System Corporate Reprting Features
Tracking System Corporate Reprting Features

MicrotechBD System Traking Solution

01. Online Vehicle Tracking Advance Solution.
02. Personal Tracking Solution
03. Asset / Pet Tracking Solution
04. IOT Vehicle Status Monitoring Solution.
05. Vehicle Security Solution
06. Traking With Fual Monitoring Solution.
07. Ship Traking Solution


MicrotechBD Traking Solution